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Whole Person Mental Wellness

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Whole Person Mental Wellness

Because of our own experiences with Mental Illness and because of the resources we have been able to utilize together with our faith journey and community, Elvia Knoll, psychiatric survivor shares her concepts that have helped in her own recovery supported by the Board of Directors, volunteers, and donors who make La Via Sana possible. 

We believe that a person is a person first. The illness is NOT an identity. And we believe that a person is a whole person. Here are some concepts that really form part of our discussion, outreach, and philosophy...

Whole Body Health

Being Supported by environment & personal choices

Harmony with limitations

Seeking OPTIMUM vitality

Making peace with biological/genetic issues

Embracing Change

Making progress congruent with personal goals

Personal Growth & Empowerment

Accepting hardship

Investing in LIFE while dealing with illness

Acknowledging Spiritual TRUTH as the foundation for peace and having a healthy balance of how to integrate that into daily living

Delighting in the gift of Grace

Accepting HEALING from God

Trusting God above all as the ONE who truly understands everything about the illness, and as a provider of LOVE, COMFORT, HELP, PROTECTION, and so many other things that cannot be listed in one sentence.

The SERENITY PRAYER asks God for courage to change what we can change, Serenity to accept the things we cannot change and all the things we do not control, and wisdom to know the difference.

Some AREAS that impact whole person mental wellness :

  • Sleep Hygiene - the pattern of behavior surrounding bedtime, the rituals and habits that can enhance the circadian rhythm and create balance, dream quality, and physical restoration. Is there a disorder? Does the individual need a sleep study? What kinds of routines could enhance natural rhythms?
  • Nutrition - the pattern of behavior surrounding mealtime, including rituals and habits that can lead to healthy choices, including food education, mindfulness, and gratitude. Nutrition also involves access to whole, real, unprocessed food items. Are there food allergies? Is there malnutrition? Does the person have enough income for a healthy lifestyle and if not, are there resources in the community that could help?
  • Community Community Events- Outreach - Austin Healing Circle
  • Movement - the involvement in exercise of any kind that can improve breathing, mobility, and energy levels.
  • Relaxation & Recreation- activities that allow the brain to have a break, and allows the body to let go of stress.
  • Medication Management - tips and techniques that can make a big difference, information that is crucial to know, and resources. The right to take and the right to ask questions, the right to request less medication and alternatives- and things that can help make this a safe process for the individual.
  • Spiritual Discipline - finding congruency, direction, and community as a personal journey of faith.

First Steps. We know that our lives are dynamic intersections of many different components. You cannot just isolate one thing sometimes because it is all connected. We recommend starting a RECOVERY JOURNAL- where the individual can begin to collect the information about themselves that will help them overcome.

Just deciding to begin the journey somewhere and making small steps in the direction of wellness can greatly improve your overall health.

There is HOPE for RECOVERY & Wellness...

It is a daily choice we can receive for ourselves with an open heart.

With God, there is so much room for growth, and empowerment... as He leads the way through our distress...

the journey begins with honesty and HOPE. The truth will set us free... (John 8:31-32, Psalm 23), HotDoodle™ Custom Web Design and Quality Affordable Website Designers for Small Businesses and Professionals
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