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What is Whole Body Health for Mental Wellness?

There are different ways to view "mental health"... You might isolate the constellation of thoughts and subconcious forces within the psychology of a person's identity or perhaps you could look directly at the actual health of the organ : Brain

Whole Body Health as it relates to Mental Health assumes that there is some connection between the health of the whole body and the health of the Brain and vice versa- that more than just the personality might be experiencing problem. 

This "mental health" process is always happening within our life: ease or disease, stress, distress or peace. We are human. WE live in a world that is often contradictory in many ways. You cannot just expect pure bliss all the time- or smooth sailing nor should that be the requirment for sanity.

As a person seeks professional help, it can help to start a journal where a person can collect information about themselves and become self-aware and open to new lessons, to become their own advocate for health and wellness. Recovery truly begins with the person at the center of the crisis. Caregivers and family can support, but the real work of discovering answers really does come from the person seeking to make changes.

La Via Sana does not assume we have all the answers, far from it... but we support the idea that Recovery is possible, HOPE is real, and God is the greatest Physician - that with this Higher Authority, many lessons can be learned in how to balance this human experience we call Life.

Food For Thought
Eat For Your Brain Health

EAT*** THE RAINBOW everyday

Eat a variety of Fresh, Organic, Fruits and Vegetables whenever possible. Its not one fruit or vegetable that has healing powers or magical properties- it is the balance of eating a variety of many micronutritents in concert. Eat all the colors, even a small addition of fresh herbs, or even spices can add depth of flavor and nutritional value to the dish you are making. Eat Whole Fruits and Vegetables- because they are full of fiber and phytonutrients, even protein and healthy fats. 

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Recovering Control

The SERENITY PRAYER asks God for courage to change what we can change, Serenity to accept the things we  we do not control, and wisdom to know the difference.

Over the course of many years, it has become apparent that no one thing can cure a crisis because many times illnesses happen as a result of many subtle disturbances either in lifestyle or physical health or both...It can be stressful to think about what caused the crisis, who's fault is it. But stop that negativity and instead imagine what the possibilities might be for RENEWAL, Healing, and Change... It probably did not happen in one day and it won't go away in one day... We know from modern neuroscience that the brain is actually plastic and can heal... Think of the possibilities in that discovery... and Don't Give Up! It can be helpful to journal about key areas in our lifestyle to find the connections and patterns....

  • Sleep Hygiene - the pattern of behavior surrounding bedtime, the routines and habits that can enhance the biological rhythm and create balance, help dream quality, and physical restoration.
  • Nutrition - the pattern of behavior surrounding mealtime, including rituals and habits that can lead to healthy choices, including food education, mindfulness, and gratitude. Nutrition also involves access to whole, real, unprocessed food items 
  • Community being a part of the community that really allows you to reach your potential 
  • Movement - moving the body every day, which can improve breathing, mobility, and energy levels
  • Relaxation & Recreation- activities that allow the brain to have a break, and allows the body to let go of stress, create enjoyable memories and experiences
  • Medication Management - tips and techniques that can make a big difference, information that is crucial to know, and resources. The right to take and the right to ask questions, the right to request less medication and alternatives- and things that can help make this a safe process for the individual.
  • Spiritual Discipline - finding congruency, direction, and community as a personal journey of faith. Recognizing Christ, Jesus, the Messiah as "the life, the way, and the truth"...


We believe that a person is a person first. The illness is NOT an identity. Some of our outreach, and philosophy...

We are NOT anti-medication... 

We are NOT anti-psychiatry...

HOLISTIC MENTAL HEALTH means that a person would have access to all the different wellness tools and resources that can restore balance, health, and wholeness. 


with chronic illness---  "is one BETTER than the other?"

why do we get into the issues of shame and stigma- ???

Jesus is perfect as a guide in these issues ... because He was acquainted with suffering.

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