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Brain Plasticity

Recovering Control


God grant me the courage to change what I can,

Serenity to accept the things I cannot control,

and wisdom to know the difference.

Don't Give Up! It can be helpful to journal about key areas in your lifestyle to find the connections and patterns....

  • Sleep Hygiene - the pattern of behavior surrounding bedtime, the routines and habits that can enhance the biological rhythm and create balance, help dream quality, and physical restoration.
  • Nutrition - the pattern of behavior surrounding mealtime, including rituals and habits that can lead to healthy choices, including food education, mindfulness, and gratitude. Nutrition also involves access to whole, real, unprocessed food items FEED YOUR BRAIN , Cooking Classes
  • Community being a part of the community that really allows you to reach your potential Wellness Retreats 
  • Movement - moving the body every day, which can improve breathing, mobility, and energy levels
  • Relaxation & Recreation- activities that allow the brain to have a break, and allows the body to let go of stress, create enjoyable memories and experiences Arts & Crafts Classes, Playing For Change
  • Medication Management - tips and techniques that can make a big difference, information that is crucial to know, and resources. The right to take and the right to ask questions, the right to request less medication and alternatives- and things that can help make this a safe process for the individual.
  • Spiritual Discipline - finding peace & safety within God.


What we've been doing since we started

Going over emails I found tons of records for what La Via Sana has accomplished !!!! Thanks to everyone!!!

La Via Sana hosts our First Bluebonnet Retreat in April 2010 in partnership with different alternative therapist who showcase their expertise as "samples" and provide informal connections to learn more about wellness. 

CAPs program started after talking to Debbie Trammell at ASH. WE spoke with Michael Dart, Volunteer Coordinator and got the green light to sponsor an event Feb 2011 with valentine's party- together with a volunteer, we delivered a cake and some snacks. Of course, we didn't know what we were doing, so we just gave them the stuff and left. Later, we learned that we were allowed to go in! Oops.

Elvia goes through 2011-2013 doing Art projects and special events with different volunteers at CAPs, we had volunteers like LeeAnn Atherton, Singer/Songwriter who went and did a Music Workshop which they LOVED! we had Mott from Art For Your Head come with us to do face painting, which they loved! We had Judy Kegg come with us from time to time- doing different things, including getting her dog, Keekoh trained as a therapy dog. We had a few parties or helped them with parties they were doing. We did a couple cook outs- and basically just tried to figure out how we could help. We did packages for holidays, and had some friends donate books for them. Its been great! Eventually, the regulations changed at the hospital and La Via Sana secured a partnership with Judy Kegg to do regular visits with Keekoh. These visits are very important and successful to establish a connection and to really support these kids in their recovery.

La Via Sana does several events for the Community at the LiveStrong building in East Austin to discuss current issues related to mental health. We had Nancy Speck as our guest for our first event which was very well attended, in partnership with Jen Padron from USPRA.

La Via Sana partners with Soma Vida starting in February 2012, moving into an office space.

La Via Sana starts a collaborative effort called Austin Healing Circle and holds meetings with Joyce Beck of Peace Through Commerce, Sharyn Reynolds of Threads of Hope, Laura Shook of Soma Vida ,  Judy Kegg of Floating Lotus Watsu, Ron & Blanca Knoll, Founders of La Via Sana.... We recruited alternative therapy practitioners and created a network that did actually help with many scholarships!

In Sept 2013---La Via Sana starts a project to provide through cooking and teaching and wellness support- monthly lunches at Austin Clubhouse.

La Via Sana does christmas "thank you packages" for Operation Gratitude for Wounded Warriors in Dec 2013

La Via Sana starts sending Get Well cards to MHA in San Francisco (1 yr partnership) about 10-20 cards per month. 

In March 2014- La Via Sana helps create an event with Hogg foundation to do a networking happy hour which had about 20 participants and was very well received.

In April 2014-- La Via Sana leaves Soma Vida to work from home, we reduce our overhead and are able to save money and diverted into programs

In April 2014--La Via Sana agrees to do our Bluebonnet Retreat exclusively for Austin Clubhouse members (We had about 20 in attendance)

In June 2014---La Via Sana tries our hand at throwing a Fundraiser Event  (We had about 20 in attendance, but it was Quality people, quality connections, and very heartfelt.)

In Sept 2014--- La Via Sana creates a luncheon meeting to talk about Community Cafe dream, presented our concept to friends at the Hogg Foundation

In Oct 2014---Health Fest at ASH, this is the 3rd year we were invited. (The event attracts about 200 people.)

La Via Sana is invited to be on a panel at a Nutrition Talk at Communities for Recovery (There were about 30 attendees. )

In Nov 2014---La Via Sana sponsors a pizza party at CAPs (30 children + staff)

In December 2014--- La Via Sana sponsors a special christmas snacktime at Austin Clubhouse
Hot Chocolate & Grill Cheese (We had about 15 participants)

In Jan 2015---La Via Sana bought Silly Socks for CAPs (We made 30 packages for the children- delivered by Judy Kegg & Keekoh)

Monthly Lunches continue at Austin Clubhouse (We have about 20 avg at each lunch. Austin Clubhouse members help us cook.)

In March 2015--La Via Sana goes to Mary Lee Foundation to Teach about Juicing (We had about 20 participants + staff members)

In April 2015-- Second Year of Bluebonnet Retreat with Austin Clubhouse (We had about 35 members plus staff)

La Via Sana was invited to speak at Communities for Recovery in May 2015. "Healthy on a Budget"

2015- CAPs continues with Judy & Keekoh

La Via Sana started supporting Mobile Loaves & Fishes since beginning of 2015, volunteering and donating.

La Via Sana makes care packages for homeless folks and distributes.

There are monthly newsletters sent out to our supporters, as well as postings on Facebook and Twitter regularly to motivate and share HOPE.

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